Goat Busters is at your service to clear invasive species, unwanted weeds, vines, and overgrown vegetation wherever it happens. Whether you desire field improvement or total eradication of weeds and brush, we can help. 


No two projects are the  same. We happily provide estimates so that you  know what you're getting into from the beginning. At that point in time,  we will advise you as to how long we estimate the goats to be on site,  how much we will charge, and how soon we can have the goats on site eating away. 

Each new site is different and has unique challenges. Therefore, each job is priced independently. Pricing is roughly based on a Base Price of $775.00 per job, plus approximately $45 per manhour for fence line clearing and system set-up; set-up time beginning one hour before goats arrive on your location. 

The base cost quoted is for one week of goats "scorching" your land,  however many animals we decide is proper for the application, with a  daily rate of no less than $68.75 per day after the initial seven days,  for however long the goats are needed or desired on that particular  project. Distance from Afton, and the willingness of the client to  engage in daily responsibilities (such as feeding the guard dogs and  checking the fence) will also affect the price of each job.  In 2010,  the cost to clear an acre of overgrown land ranged from $925 to $1250, depending on how thick the vegetation was, how difficult it was to set up the fence, and whether the clearing could be accomplished in one application, or whether multiple lots would be needed. Keep in mind that  our goal is to "get in and get out" as quickly as possible so that we  can get to our next job: so we will always attempt to maximize the number of animals that will accomplish that goal in the shortest  possible timeframe. 

Property Maintenance

In addition to basic clearing services, we will contract to maintain a  certain level of vegetation clearance on your property throughout the  year. Often, a one-time application of the goats serves primarily to  clean out a certain area for the immediate future, thus making it easier  to maintain from then on. Repeated applications of goats are less  expensive, shorter in duration, and lead to total and permanent  eradication of invasive and undesirable species of vegetation. AND, each  application of goats provides more free organic fertilizer, courtesy of  the goats. 

Clean Up

After the goats are finished eating everything that they can reach, we have  crews available to come in behind the goats and clean up any left-over  debris. Goats eat just about everything green, but they will not eat  woody parts of plants. Therefore it is necessary to come in after the  goats have gone away and collect/chip/mulch any woody branches, tree  trunks, etc.  If you desire that totally finished look, we can make it  happen with our experienced crews. We are here to serve your needs. 


Our goats provide free organic fertilizer wherever they go! Go try to get that at  your local farm supply store! If you price organic fertilizer at the  store, and then consider that each goat drops about two pounds of pure  organic fertilizer each day, (and you'll have at least 20-25 goats on your job) GOAT BUSTERS seems like an even bigger bargain! 

Hear what our clients have to say!

"We think you guys are great! I can't believe how much the goats cleared.  They've done more in two weeks just by eating than I was able to accomplish in three years using heavy duty chemicals.....and boy, oh, boy, I don't feel so good about using thatstuff." 

"Wow. I had no idea what they could do." 

"Your  goats did a great job clearing our property. We can't believe it is the  same place, and to think that it was done without any heavy  machinery....wow! What fun. The only downside is that our kids are  really disappointed that the goats are gone." 

"Your goats are fabulous! What a neat idea, and so earth-friendly. More people should be doing this." 

"Thanks so much for the wonderful entertainment provided by the goats ... and the great job they did getting rid of fifteen years' worth of unattended  wilderness growth in my back yard."