Thank you for choosing to explore a more responsible, earth-friendly method  of land clearing. Goat Busters is quite simply the most environmentally  sensitive method to clear land or control invasive species vegetation  ever, short of going out and hand-pulling each and every little weed.  From kudzu to honeysuckle, poison ivy to out-of-control privet hedges,  Goat Busters can be your answer to control and eradication. 

NO SILVER BULLET: Wouldn’t that be nice?

While  clearing land with goats is quite a novel approach, it is not any sort  of magical solution to overgrown vegetation. There is no silver bullet.  Whether you choose to kill the weeds/vines with chemical herbicides and  heavy equipment, or with goats, the vegetation is going to grow back:  usually at least once, sometimes two or three times before it is killed.  Considering this, any non-goat method of killing/clearing the land will  necessarily have an exponentially larger (negative) impact on the land.  Sure, that privet shrub might never grow back. But with the damage that  you have caused with multiple applications of heavy-metal-laden  chemical compounds and machinery, nothing may be able to  grow there for years anyway due to toxicity and compaction. These are  issues that will never be faced by goats. Ideally, thorough eradication  of vegetation will require at least two applications of the goats. But  in the end, there are no other negative “side effects” or long term  negative impacts on the land. 

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