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Goat Busters was started in 2008 as a circumstance of the world economy, and public outcry for cleaner solutions to modern problems. Jace Goodling had been raising and selling Kiko meat goat breeding stock for over a decade, and had accumulated a seperate "cull" herd of goats unworthy of registration (and the high prices demanded by those goats). Since he couldn't eat them, and his main income of house building dissipated like all other construction in 2008, he turned to making the goats pay for themselves by clearing land. He teamed with recent Auburn University grad, Scott Wilcox, and Goat Busters was off and running.

Goat Busters has done clearing jobs for vineyards, private backyards, and along country club golf courses, as well as pasture improvement, creek bed, fence line, and field margin clean-up, and poison ivy,  honeysuckle, and general weed eradication.

Jace Goodling was born and raised in central Virginia, graduated from Washington and Lee University, and has spent a lifetime building a reputation of quality, reliability, and customer-oriented service beyond compare. He founded Goodling Enterprises, L.L.C. in 1996, providing Project Management for owner-builders, as well as being a Virginia licensed Class A Builder. Goat Busters is just the latest tangent in a never-dull journey through Life.

Goat Busters is owned and operated by Goodling Enterprises, L.L.C.
Since 1996, making better sense in a crazy world.
"Root hog, or die"

Goat Busters
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